The EBU 2020 Action Plan


This document sets out actions to be conducted in 2020 to implement the Strategic Orientation Plan agreed by the 11th EBU General Assembly (Rome, 28-30 October 2019). The activities are divided amongst a list of specific objectives.

Objective 1 – Improving Braille teaching and literacy

Action - Braille report implementation
Description - As a follow-up to the EBU report on Braille teaching and literacy produced in 2017, a working group (WG) will be formed, meet and start working on the 11 recommendations contained in the implementation document already available - e.g. the creation of national Braille committees.
Outputs - Working Groups (WG) Terms of Reference, meeting agenda, WG yearly report.

Objective 2 – Employment

Action - ADVISE (Aiding Young Visually Impaired Seeking Employment)
Description - ADVISE aims to enhance young blind and partially sighted job-seekers employment opportunities. It is based on an approach, developed in 2018 and tested in 2019 in 4 pilot countries. In 2020, it will be fine-tuned by experts and a new group of young job-seekers will be trained and coached in each country.
Outputs - 4 training courses held in 4 countries, 24 young BPS trained and accompanied, ADVISE trainer manual available in English, German, Montenegrin, Polish and Spanish.

Objective 3 – Access to ICTs

Action - Web-accessibility
Description - EBU will collect and publish best practices on the implementation of the EU Directive on the Accessibility of Public Sector’s websites. The publication will be available in at least 4 languages.
Outputs - 1 publication on good practices available in English, French, German and Spanish.

Objective 4 – Participation in public life

Action - Accessible voting
Description - EBU will promote the use of the AVA (Accessible Voting Awareness-Raising) report and its information module. At least 4 EBU countries where elections will be held in 2020 will raise the awareness of policy makers and election officials on accessible voting.
Outputs - 4 national AVA awareness-raising reports in EN.

Objective 5 – Non-discrimination

Action - Equal Treatment Directive
Description - To lobby the EU institutions to re-activate the EU Equal Treatment Directive and have it adopted.
Outputs - preparatory document.

Objective 6 – Inclusive design

Action - Audio-description
Description - To prepare the ground for a campaign for audio-description to be made mandatory for EU Creative Media funding to the film industry.
Outputs - preparatory document

Objective 7 – Mobility

Action 1 - Acoustic systems
Description - The EBU 2020 conference on "Acoustic systems for Information and Navigation purposes" will aim to share new trends and best practices to help harmonise or even standardise such systems.
Outputs - 60 participants, 1 conference programme, 1 conference report, good practices identified.

Action 2 - Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs)
Description - EBU will continue to contribute to the PAsCAL project on CAVs, in particular to collect data on how they are assessed by persons with visual impairment.
Outputs - survey 1 report.

Objective 8 – Governance and working processes

Action 1 - Gender equality
Description - Following the EBU 2019 conference on Gender Equality, EBU will support 3 national members to set up or strengthen national women committees to identify and implement activities to enhance blind and partially sighted women’s participation in civil society.
Outputs - 30 blind and partially-sighted women empowered, 3 national GEAR reports.

Action 2 - Low Vision (LV)
Description - Following the work carried out in 2019 as a result of the EBU 2018 conference on Low Vision, EBU will support 3 national members to set up or strengthen national low vision committees to address the specific needs of persons with low vision.
Outputs - 3 national LV meetings, 45 partially sighted participants, 3 national reports, 3 national plans of action 2020-2022.

Action 3 - Youth
Description - Following the trainings held in 2019, EBU will continue to build the capacity of blind and partially-sighted youth in the framework of EByouth. This will empower them to hold leading positions in visual impairment organisations at national and European level.
Outputs - 3 e-workshops held, 1 TC held, 15 young BPS leaders empowered

Objective 9 – Communication and campaigning

Action 1 - Information and campaigning
Description - EBU will commission an audit of its information setup (incl. social media) to optimise the way it manages its information processes.
Outputs - 1 audit report (incl. recommendations).

Action 2 - Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Description - SDGs were at the core of the EBU 11th General Assembly. EBU will work to raise its members’ awareness on specific SDGs to be determined.
Outputs - 1 e-workshop

Action 3 – The Marrakesh Treaty.
Description - EBU will work to build the capacity of its national members, those outside the EU in particular, to lobby their governments and ensure the ratification and effective implementation of the Marrakesh Treaty.
Outputs - 1 e-workshop aimed at EBU members in the Balkan region

A number of the above activities will be carried out thanks to the support and funding of the REC (Rights, Equality and Citizenship ) Programme of the European Union.