EBU Resolution on Tibet


August 2018

The European Blind Union

  • Recalling that individual members from two EBU Members, the Netherlands and Germany, have founded the first School for the Blind in Tibet in 1998,
  • Recognising the good reputation of the Tibet School for the Blind, based on factors such as but not limited to extensive language training in Braille, computer-based training with tailored educational material,  training in mobility techniques and training in every-day strategies for blind and partially sighted persons,
  • Recalling with appreciation the integrative success of the Tibet School for the Blind, as demonstrated by more than 100 students of the school having continued their studies at regular primary and secondary schools as well as on universities,
  • Underlining that the school’s guiding principle of “self-integration” has been implemented by educational facilities in other parts of China,
  • Aware of reports from June 2018 that the Tibet School for the Blind has been closed completely and that enrolled students have been transferred to public institutions in the region,
  • Mindful about reports that other institutions for blind and partially sighted pupils in Tibet provide less or no opportunities to transition into regular educational pathways,
  1. Strongly regrets the ultimate closure of the Tibet School for the Blind as reported in June 2018 and fears that the educational advancements made by the Tibet School for the Blind will be lost;
  2. Urges all members of the World Blind Union to preserve and implement the educational achievements of the Tibet School for the Blind, especially to enable blind and partially sighted persons to participate fully in society by providing high-quality training in the spirit of self-help;
  3. Reaffirms its encouragement towards blind and partially sighted individuals to bring their knowledge and experience to the development of specialised and inclusive education of blind and partially sighted students in all parts of the world.