EBU training course on youth employability - 2015 session

Tirrenia, Italy

Update: Participants in the international training are now organising national training sessions:


  • Estonia: On 17/12/2015 in Tallinn.
  • Ireland: On 04/12/2015 in Dublin.
  • Italy: On 03/12/2015 and 26/01/2016 in Bologna, on 18/12/2015 in Genova, and on 21 and 22/01/2016 in Milan.
  • Netherlands: On 24/09, 06/11/2015 and 12/12/2015 in Utrecht, on 01/12 and 17/12/2015 in Amsterdam.
  • Portugal: On 28/11/2015 in Lisbon, on 18/12/2015 in Oporto, on 19/12/2015 in Braga and on 05/12/2015 in Coimbra,


The European Blind Union (EBU) invited young visually impaired persons to a training course on youth employability held in Tirrenia, Italy, from 28 to 31 July 2015. See the Programme.

The training was aimed at:

  • English-speaking young visually impaired persons with a maximum age of 30 willing to improve their employability skills and attitudes.
  • Preferably, non-employed youngsters, seeking for their first occupation.
  • Participants from the 28 EU Member States, Iceland.

The training was lead by Vanessa Cascio, an experienced trainer in the field of the evaluation of competences and graduated in “lifelong learning processes and education” at the university of Bologna (Italy). Vanessa is also very experienced in training young visually impaired people using accessible non-formal and active methods.

Photos from the training course.

training course photo 1

1. Participants get to know each other.

training course photo 2

2. Trainer Vanessa Cascio helps participants work on exercises.

training course photo 3

3. A mock interview situation for the participants.

training course photo 4

4. Participants involved in group exercises.

This training was co-funded by the "Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme" Programme of the European Union.