EBU launches a new video: Low Vision - Impact & Action - 8.2.2017

This new awareness raising video on low vision and its impact, is part of EBU´s campaign for dedicated low vision services in Europe to be available to every partially sighted person in need of support. Read more

At last, Access Allowed! - 21.12.2016

After a long and hard-fought campaign the directive on making the websites and mobile apps of public sector bodies more accessible was published on 2 December 2016. Read more

European Parliament progresses on positive Marrakesh Legislation - 8.12.2016

On Monday November 28th MEP Max Andersson presented his Report for EU implementation of the Marrakesh Treaty on the Directive and Regulation in the European Parliament´s Legal Affairs Committee.

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Marrakech Treaty - Why is the Commission blocking swift ratification? - 19.4.2016

EBU and WBU write to EC President and Vice-President to express concern at the absence of European Union ratification of the Treaty of Marrakesh, and in particular at what appears to be the obstructive role of the European Commission´s Legal Services in unjustifiably blocking swift progress toward EU legal implementation of the Treaty.

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