EU moves toward Marrakesh Treaty Ratification this autumn - 28.9.2017

Under the Estonian Presidency an agreement on the legal framework for EU ratification was reached last Friday, September 22nd by the Council Working Group on Copyright closely following the terms of the European Court opinion that established exclusive EU  to ratify the Marrakesh Treaty. Read more

Update about the negotiations regarding the draft proposal of the European Commission concerning the European Accessibility Act - 27.7.2017

EBU welcomes the commission's proposal suggesting a broader and more ambitious scope of the act. Nevertheless we feel that the act has some crucial omissions concerning accessibility which would be vital for the everyday lives and independence of blind and partially sighted Europeans.

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MappED! - Providing Equal Opportunities to Students with Disabilities for their Participation in the Erasmus+ Programme - 5.7.2017

The Erasmus Student Network recently launched its new service, MappED! - the platform for inclusive academic mobility.

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EBU launches a new video: Low Vision - Impact & Action - 8.2.2017

This new awareness raising video on low vision and its impact, is part of EBU´s campaign for dedicated low vision services in Europe to be available to every partially sighted person in need of support. Read more