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Universal accessibility at last takes on its full meaning.

Throughout the world, in cinemas and on TV, more and more films are offered with audiodescription, aimed at a visually impaired audience.

However, these films remain films made 'by' the sighted 'for' the sighted, according to criteria they have defined.

MY CINEMA WITHOUT IMAGE reverses the situation.

The films made by Jean MUSY are not constructed around images, but use the imagination. In writing these films he follows exactly the same rules as those which apply to 'ordinary' films from which he has deliberately removed the images, relying on the strength of the words, and the musical image they suggest to him. He thus transports us into a world directly linked to our emotions, the same as that in which visually impaired people exist all the time.

The film is therefore made for them, but not exclusively.

Through the magic of this technique, the situation of disability is reversed. They invite us, the 'ordinary' people, to come and share 'their' image!

MY CINEMA WITHOUT IMAGE addresses a broad public of all ages, sighted or visually impaired, and also including the hard of hearing when the structure provides magnetic loops.

Adults, adolescents or children, all ages have....their film.

The public enters the dark cinema with a mask over their eyes. This direct immersion in to the night allows two worlds to meet, that of the sighted, and that of the visually impaired.

These two categories of people do not base their imagination on the same codes of perception. This difference enables an exchange of what was felt during the debate which follows each showing.

The notion of universal accessibility at last takes on its full meaning.

MY CINEMA WITHOUT IMAGE has an interactive cultural and educational value, and a human and psychological dimension as the listener is totally implicated, and becomes, at the same time an actor in the proceedings.

When adapted for schools, it provides a genuine awareness of 'difference', a way of approaching visual disabilities, and a broader understanding of the needs of the visually impaired.

In 2016, the film "Louis Braille, l’enfant lumière" (Louis Braille, the child of light) was created in Spanish. It was present for two consecutive years at the SEGOVIE film festival in Spain.

MY CINEMA WITHOUT IMAGE can therefore, with translation, be offered to communities the world over who want to try the experience.

There are possibilities of partnerships in writing and creating the films.

In 2016 MY CINEMA WITHOUT IMAGE received the support of the French Secretary of State for Disability.

In 2016 Jean MUSY was awarded the 'Grand Prix SACEM' of music for image.

In 2017 Jean MUSY won the prize for best film music offered by the Union des Compositeurs de Musiques de Film (UCMF).

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