EBU Activities in 2018

In the framework of its REC18-21 strategic plan, EBU will implement a number of activities in 2018. Let us focus on two of them.

What is there in your country to improve blind and partially-sighted persons’ employment perpectives?
EBU recently launched a major yearly activity aiming to collect, summarise, disseminate and reward the best practices in Europe related to a specific area of accessibility. 2018 will focus on employment.

Domains concerned may cover legal provisions, technical aids, research, rehabilitation, public or private support schemes or any other area where the practices identified improve the employment prospects of blind and partially-sighted persons. Original ideas will be particularly well considered.

Members’ contributions are expected by Mid-May and a publication in 5 languages will be disseminated by the end of October.

The participation of all the member organisations is essential so as to enrich the publication with a wide range of practices, thus increasing transferability perspectives to the many different cultural, political, social and legal contexts of EBU member countries.

Improving your knowledge of EBU
EBU will propose two information tools to be seen as a not-to-be-missed resources for any newcomer in the visual impairment community.
First, an exhaustive glossary of EBU terminology is being developed.
Also, an e-workshop on EBU’s inner-workings will be held in English. Aimed at the staff and volunteers of EBU members, it will:
-    raise awareness on how EBU and its office work and the constraints and limitations faced.
-    improve internal communication with our members through transparent and harmonised use of EBU technical terminology.
This e-workshop will be repeated every year to go along with the renewal of EBU members’ personnel.

To deliver a tailor-made e-workshop, EBU members are invited to respond to this very short Google form (3 questions) by 15 February. 1 response per country will be accepted.

For more information on these two activities, please contact Romain FERRETTI, EBU Project Officer, at ebuprojects@euroblind.org