The portal "ZAPOSLIOSI.ME" ( in Montenegro

The portal "" ( was created in the second half of 2017, following the successful work of the Union of the Blind of Montenegro, funded by the Employment Agency of Montenegro.
The portal is new and has rich content aimed at boosting PWD employment. In addition to the ability of the unemployed PWD to become familiar with their employment rights, the portal offers the possibility of effective and professional connections between employers and unemployed PWDs with the ability to inspect a large number of relevant and valid legal and other documents as well as various types of forms related to incentive measures and benefits when recruiting PWD.
The portal is completely innovative, versatile, and, in addition to CVs can be found video presentations and self-presentation of unemployed persons with disabilities.
The portal contains a blog, including short stories of persons with disabilities that relate to good and less good practices during work experience. Another goal of this portal is also to facilitate and gradually abolish the many prejudices and disbelief of employers in relation to persons with disabilities, their abilities and job qualifications.
To find out more, we suggest visiting the website (in Montenegrin only).