Welcome to the new EBU members newsletter.

As you will already be aware, from January 2018 EBU will produce two different types of newsletter, the first, of which this is the first edition, is the EBU members newsletter, it is a monthly production in English only. It is used to present short news items from our members and partners, and share best practices and updates on projects.
The second newsletter, known as EBU Focus, will be published every three months in the four traditional languages of the newsletter, English, French, German and Spanish. As implied by the name, it will be an in-depth look at a specific topic of key interest to EBU members, stakeholders, and the wider public. The first edition will be in mid-March.
We hope you will enjoy this new format for the newsletters, as always your contributions and comment are welcome and useful, and should be sent to the EBU office, ebu@euroblind.org
Happy reading!