Portuguese citizens with disabilities obtain more rights

2017 was a year marked by the high production of legislation concerning disability in Portugal. Among these measures, which resulted from a collaboration with ACAPO, it is worth highlighting the creation of a social benefit attributed to all persons with disabilities, as long as they have their disability certified.

Tomé Coelho, President of ACAPO National Board, stated that "this was a remarkable achievement for all persons with disabilities, because finally, as ACAPO has proposed for many years, it will allow a real incentive for social participation and the construction of a more just society". This allowance, which began to be paid in October, has a base value of 264 euros and in 2018 will already be substantially increased for all those in economic need.

Within the framework of these new social policies, an Independent Living Support Model was also created, based on the provision of personal assistance to persons with disabilities to support them in carrying out various daily living activities. For the time being, it is a pilot project lasting until 2020, the results of which will contribute to the development of a national policy to support independent living. ACAPO is currently preparing its application to be able to set up "centers that contribute to the independent living of persons with visual impairment in Portugal", according to Tomé Coelho.