Spain - ONCE launches new web page

To mark its 80th anniversary, the Spanish National Organisation of the Blind (ONCE) has launched a newly-designed web site - - to be its key communication channel and main portal for visitors to get to know more about the organisation. The new web page is open to the world and offers full information on ONCE’s social activities in all its action areas.

The new web includes updated content on the wide range of ONCE activities, using an attractive, modern and intuitive design that proves design and access to information are not incompatible with accessibility and usability. Moreover, the new web page is one more step towards the digital transformation of society with which people who are blind or have other types of disability are fully engaged. Needless to say, they must be able to access content quickly and easily.

In addition to becoming a benchmark portal for all issues related to people who are blind or severely partially sighted, is a shop window for citizens to learn all about the ONCE Social Group, which encompasses ONCE, ONCE Foundation and ILUNION, a social group with a singular identity, founded on and bringing together the organisation’s democratic structure, responsible gaming and the social economy.

The design of the new page meets the most up-to-date standards in terms of quality, reliability, loading speed and, above all, an approach based on a ‘mobile-first’ model to be visited and used seamlessly on mobile devices or tablets. Furthermore, the new topic headings and site map will help keep and improve its positioning as one of the most visited social web pages both nationally and internationally, and in particular with visitors from Latin America.

The home page displays a carousel of images covering ONCE’s key activities….the day-to day life of the organisation, such as our 80th anniversary, social services, support to enhance independence for people who are blind through education, employment or accessibility, and our management of responsible gaming products, the driving force for our social activities.

The home page also highlights direct links to the main thematic areas such as social services, ONCE Foundation, ILUNION and the JuegosONCE web site, allowing visitors to access areas like international affairs, where they can find a wide range of information in English, and the web page in other co-official languages in Spain. It also includes a link to a communications section to keep everyone up-to-date with all the news and enable users to download pictures, preview events and check out the latest ONCE updates on social media.

Among other innovative developments, the new-look web page now includes a section called ‘Co-operate’ where citizens can sign up to be a part of ONCE’s social work by participating as volunteers, making a donation, adopting a guide dog, assisting people who are deafblind or promoting education for visually impaired children in Latin America.

In short, a large space for communication and contacts which brings ONCE Social Group closer to the population at large, with an ear for the latest news, showcases our activities in every area for the benefit of people with a visual impairment and people with other types of disability, and with the goal of promoting better and more inclusive societies.