UNCRPD Questionnaire for EBU Members

As part of our ongoing work on the UNCRPD we have created a new questionnaire on article 33, National Implementation and Monitoring.

This questionnaire is a follow up to an earlier EBU survey that took place in 2014, for which a summary report was prepared by Phillipe Chazal. The new 2018 questionnaire asks about a number of more detailed issues because these have been recently identified by the CRPD committee as areas requiring further progress by some countries. You may wish to consult the previous reply, if your country contributed in 2014.
The questionnaire is included, along with a guidance document including a glossary. Please read carefully the guidance document before completing the questionnaire.

We would ask all members to please find the right person in your organisation or contacts to reply to the attached questionnaire and send it back to the EBU office before the 28th of September 2018. Your contributions are important and greatly appreciated.