EBU Access Cast launched into cyber orbit!

On May 17th 2018 which corresponded to the Global Accessibility awareness day, EBU started a new way of communicating to listeners by launching new podcast about assistive technology. The EBU Access Cast is a new monthly show, which specifically focuses on news and reviews from the assistive tech industry from a European prospective. Produced by the experts from Croatia, Iceland, Belgium and Estonia who originally met while working for the committee for access and technology, the EBU Access Cast brings to listeners personal reviews and opinions about the newest improvements in all aspects of digital accessibility for the blind and partially sighted population across Europe and the rest of the world.

Podcasts, as a new media of communication, offer many advantages compared to other communication channels used among the blind and partially sighted community. While it is very nice to read reviews on websites and mailing lists, it is great being able to hear in person how a specific device sounds, if it is accessible or not, and what the other person has to say about it. In addition, listening to the interview from a live person gives you much wider scope about the product, which someone may consider acquiring. Listening to the podcast is very easy and comfortable because the listener can choose the way that, and when, the podcast is going to be listened to. While an internet connection is needed to get a specific episode, it is even possible to download additional episodes on to a PC or Smartphone and listen without being connected to the internet. What you need is a podcatching client for PC or the Smartphone, the address of the podcast to which you can subscribe and after that, you are able to decide when you want to listen to the podcast. In order to find EBU Access Cast it is even possible to search for it in the iTunes app and listen to it directly. It is worth mentioning that today’s Podcatching apps including iTunes are able to notify you when new episodes are being released, so the end listener can grab the new content as soon as it comes out. That means that fans will never miss the newest and most fresh news from the assistive tech industry.


Everything about the EBU Access Cast is available on the Access Cast webpage.
We are open for any questions, comments and suggestions, if you would like to reach us, you can write to us by sending email to EBUaccesscast@euroblind.org.  Alternatively, you can find us on Twitter under @EBUaccesscast
Happy listening
Mario Percinic, EBU Accessibility Expert