The News in the news in the UK!

By Jill Allen-King, OBE
Ever since 1964, when I went totally blind, I have not been able to read a printed newspaper. Over these years I have been able to receive some information through local and national talking newspapers, which I have appreciated, as they are all produced by volunteers. However, I know that I have missed out on a lot of local news and events.

This has all now changed through a new tablet that has been produced by the RNIB in association with a software company called Real Thing. The device is called RNIB In Your Pocket.

This has enabled me to read the Evening Echo every day from start to finish. I can either read just the headlines or, if I ask it to read the whole paper it will. It will also read me any national newspapers, any one of the sixty thousand talking books produced by the RNIB, any podcast from public service broadcasters. It also gives me information of where I am, or points of interest around the area, and the weather forecast for anywhere in the world.

This week I have been able to use it as a mobile telephone as well. This can work either on my home wi-fi, or while out travelling on the o2 system. It has a discrete earpiece and microphone attachment so, while travelling to London yesterday I was able to listen to the Evening Echo on the train.

I never knew there was so much information given each day in the Echo, and I have found reading the letters most interesting and informative, as the talking newspapers never gave me this information.
The cost of this fantastic tablet is five pounds a week, and for information about purchasing it you should telephone the RNIB helpline on +44 303 123 9999.