Portuguese passport available in Braille

The Immigrations and Borders Service (SEF), in partnership with the National Press-Mint (INCM), the entity responsible for producing documents for the Portuguese State and with the technical consultancy of ACAPO, created a Braille version of the Portuguese Electronic Passport (PEP). The new document, similar to the PEP in force, is distinguished by the fact that it has a Braille Sticker on which the name of the holder, the expiry date and the passport number are inscribed in Braille. The introduction of this new functionality is extremely important for the visually impaired as it gives it greater autonomy in the event of travel outside the Schengen area. This version of the passport, unpublished in the European Union, is made available at the request of the Portuguese citizen with visual impairment, at the time of issue or renewal, at no additional cost.