European elections 2019 (follow-up)

In follow-up to campaigning on the European elections (see our Statement on European Elections), in an action coordinated by the European Disability Forum, we wrote to political group leaders at the European Parliament, calling for their support to re-establish the Disability Intergroup. We also asked our national members to engage with their MEPs to press for such support within their group, targeting those most likely to be interested. The result of this action will be observed in September.


The 1st European Standard on accessibility and usability of the built environment - Functional requirements (prEN17210) has been approved in July by CEN Member National Standardisation Bodies. This is a major step towards harmonisation of approaches in ensuring the rights of persons with disabilities to access the built environment. Only Belgium, Finland Germany and Switzerland voted against this outcome. The Technical Reports 1 (technical specifications) and 2 (conformity assessment) complementing prEN 17210 are at preliminary draft stage and have been presented for general comments.

In the transport area, there is an ongoing call for feedback on a roadmap regarding the evaluation of the Regulation on the rights of air passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility. An EBU response is being prepared. A proper public consultation will follow in the third quarter of 2019.


On 31st July the European Commission launched a public consultation on the EU Disability Strategy 2010-2020, open till 23 October. The aim is to assess whether the strategy is being implemented, whether it has led to suitable policies/measures and how it has influenced implementation of the UNCRPD. The results will be used for a Commission working document in 2020, to help shape future policies. EBU already gave its views on the Disability Strategy 2010-2020 before the summer. The Commission is now looking for feedback from a wider audience of stakeholders, national or local level NGOs or even concerned individual citizens. We will however examine whether this consultation lends itself to further comments from EBU.