Portugal - Traveling audio accompaniment

Thinking about the mobility of blind and partially sighted people, Cooptáxis launched, in partnership with ACAPO, Audio-Taxi, (audio accompaniment of the trip). The system, which was symbolically launched on December 10, International Human Rights Day, tracks the taxi ride: greets the passenger, identifies the taxi number, identifies the fare to apply, the need for supplements, explains the amount to pay and says a courtesy goodbye. Available in more than 700 taxis in Portugal, according to Cooptáxis Communications Officer Andreia Bárrios, it is a way to “promote social inclusion.” Tomé Coelho, President of ACAPO, further stated that “inclusion cannot be just a concept, it has to be applied in the situations we are facing day by day ”, considering that the project is for blind people" an added value and “a very important step”.