DBSV strongly criticises new rail travel rules

On 1 February, rail travel in Germany suddenly became more complicated for persons with disabilities in Germany. Deutsche Bahn, the main operator of railways and rail stations in Germany, announced that it would no longer organise mobility assistance for travellers with disabilities on all routes. Instead, persons with mobility needs now need to organise their assistance with individual companies and Deutsche Bahn only cooperates with some companies in this case. The change was announced with no preparation time for persons with disabilities and apparently happened without consulting their interest representatives.

DBSV initially brought attention to these changes at the beginning of February. After much media interest and a rebuke from Deutsche Bahn, DBSV signed up to a strong letter of complaint by the German Disability Council on 13 February. The matter is now under discussion between Deutsche Bahn, other rail companies and the disability movement in Germany, but for the moment there is no end in sight: Rail travel has become more complicated for persons with disabilities, in clear violation of the spirit of the UNCRPD.