Belgium - Week of the Brailleliga 2019

"Brailleliga by your side for life.": from Monday 18 to Sunday 31 March 2019

On March 18 the Brailleliga launches its annual campaign "Week of the Brailleliga". This year's theme is: “The Brailleliga accompanies blind and visually impaired people for free throughout their lives.” The campaign focuses on four key moments in the life of a blind or visually impaired person where tailor-made guidance is crucial.

The first key moment is the age 10-12 years. A child goes to school at that time and also takes the first steps towards independence in daily life. The next moment is 25-30 years. Around this age many leave the parental nest, define their professional project and learn to manage their administration independently. A third age to which the Brailleliga wants to draw attention is 60-65 years. 65 is the last age at which someone can have their visual impairment officially recognized in Belgium. The last key moment is 70-plus, for this category the Brailleliga offers a wide range of leisure activities.

Four witnesses, one from each age group, tell their story in a short video. They talk about the difficulties they face every day as blind or visually impaired people and how they overcome them. For more information about the campaign: