New EBU report on CRPD article 33.

A new report entitled "Monitoring of the Rights of Blind and Partially-Sighted People in Europe: An Analysis of the European Blind Union CRPD Database Article 33: National Implementation and Monitoring" (pdf file) is now available.

Some of the country replies have been updated to take into account additional information found by the author of the new report, Sarah Woodin.

This report is in addition to an earlier report by Philippe Chazal, based on a previous questionnaire from 2014.

The report describes progress on Article 33: National Implementation and Monitoring. The CRPD requires specific structural arrangements to be in place for implementing and monitoring the Convention and it is a cross – cutting requirement that disabled people are ‘involved and participate fully’ in it, in line with the central tenet of the disabled people’s movement: ‘nothing about us without us’.