EU MS support for WIPO "books for blind people"
treaty spring 2012

As a result of our petition to Parliament and Commissioner Barnier's appearance in front of Parliament, the Commissioner is expected to ask EU Member States for a mandate to negotiate and agree a binding WIPO "books for blind people" treaty. EBU urges them to give Barnier such a mandate.
We've been asking EU governments for their position on a binding WIPO treaty.
The map reflects their answers as received to date:

G Austria <span>No</span> Belgium <span>Undecided</span> Bulgaria <span>Undecided</span> Cyprus <span>Undecided</span> Czech Republic <span>Yes</span> Denmark <span>Undecided</span> Estonia <span>Undecided</span> Finland <span>Undecided</span> France <span>No</span> Germany <span>No</span> Greece <span>Undecided</span> Hungary <span>Undecided</span> Ireland <span>Undecided</span> Italy <span>No</span> Latvia <span>Undecided</span> Lithuania <span>No</span> Luxembourg <span>Undecided</span> Malta <span>Undecided</span> Netherlands <span>Undecided</span> Poland <span>Undecided</span> Portugal <span>Undecided</span> Romania <span>Undecided</span> Slovakia <span>Undecided</span> Slovenia <span>Undecided</span> Spain <span>Undecided</span> Sweden <span>Undecided</span> UK <span>Yes</span>

Act now!

Use our prepared message to contact the WIPO representative in your country to ask them to support the proposed treaty.