The EBU livingbraille forum


EBU has launched a new online platform for information, exchange and discussion about all Braille related topics. EBU invites all Braille experts to share their experiences on

  • Are you new to Braille and want to grasp the idea of dots on paper or on a braille display?
  • Are you interested in methods of Braille teaching and training?
  • Do you want to get to know something about new devices using Braille to communicate with a user?
  • Do you wish to obtain inspiration about Braille games or toys for your visually impaired child or pupil at school?
  • Are you an expert or do you have special experience with using Braille to share with others?

If you register, you can even comment and discuss the topics and posts from other users and add further information. If you register and create an account, you can publish your own posts. Everybody is invited to add posts to enrich this European Braille beehive. is hosted by the EBU, supported by the European Commission and organised by the working group of the EBU on Braille.

Let’s keep Braille alive together.