EBU-PARVIS - Promoting Awareness on the Rights of Visually Disabled People in an Inclusive Society

We are happy to let you know that the PARVIS project started in January. Partners are EBU, OVN (Eye Association Netherlands) and SRF (Swedish Association of the Visually Impaired).

This major project aims to massively raise awareness on blind and partially sighted citizens’ rights.

Thanks to the EC co-funding, PARVIS partners will be investing more than 560 000 EUR over the next two years to develop many tools addressing a wide number of targets: blind and partially sighted citizens, general public, decision-makers, policy-makers, media, as well as visual impairment organisation’s staff and volunteers.

These tools are meant to be used by EBU member organisations for many years to come. The consortium is now looking for at least 8 EBU members to engage with the PARVIS team in this global awareness-raising campaign. If you are interested, please contact me by 12 March. Note that Terms of Engagement would be signed with EBU.

To get a clear picture of what PARVIS would concretely mean to your organisation, you can download an outline. It presents the activities, deliverables and milestones you would be associated to. As you will read, the investment from your side would be very limited (mostly for translation) as compared with the communication benefits to be gained. You can also download the PARVIS detailed work programme, as a complement.

In parallel, we are still in the process of recruiting a Project Coordinator and a Communications Officer. Vacancies are available on the EBU website.

The PARVIS European communication initiative is something new and exciting. EBU and the consortium do count on your involvement, dynamism and ideas to make this project successful.

The more united we are, the more visible visually impaired citizens will be. So, join us!

Please contact Romain Ferretti the EBU Project Officer if you are interested.