The people

Meet the people behind EBU, including information about the elected leadership of EBU, board positions and EBU office staff.



The EBU is led by a board consisting of 5 officers (President, first and second vice presidents, treasurer and secretary general) and up to 8 ordinary members. They are elected by the EBU membership at the General Assembly for the period of four years. Board members are accountable to the General Assembly. All board members are blind or partially sighted.

Detailed information about its composition, voting procedure, powers and functions can be found in the EBU Constitution.


The Board carries into effect the general policies and working objectives of EBU and prepares a strategic plan to that effect. It appoints project groups and committees and any other bodies as it deems necessary to assist in meeting the targets set in its strategic plan.


  • President: Wolfgang Angermann, Germany
  • First Vice-president: Alexander Neumyvakin, Russia
  • Second Vice President: Barbara Martín Muñoz, Spain 
  • Treasurer: Philippe Chazal, France
  • Secretary General: Maria Kyriacou, Cyprus


  • Ana Sofia Antunes, Portugal
  • Mario Barbuto, Italy
  • Emin Demirci, Turkey
  • Ann Jönsson, Sweden
  • Vaclav Polasek, Czech republic
  • Sinan Tafaj, Albania

EBU representatives to WBU Executive Committee 2011-2015

  • Ana Sofia Antunes, Portugal
  • Emin Demirci, Turkey
  • Alexander Neumyvakin, Russia

EBU Central Office

The EBU  Office  is based in Paris, France. It supports the Board, commissions and steering groups in its work and is a central contact point for information to the EBU membership, partners, external parties and the general public.

The Executive Director of the EBU Central office is Mokrane Boussaïd.

The other members of staff are : 

  • Romain Ferretti - Project Officer
  • Gary May - Information Officer
  • Valèrie Vivancos - Office Assistant
  • Antoine Fobe - Head of Campaigning