About blindness and partial sight

Facts and Figures

Some people are born with reduced sight whilst others may acquire an eye condition later in life, such as retinitis pigmentosa that deteriorates with age. Others may lose their sight in an accident, or because of a disease like diabetes or arthritis. There are estimated to be over 30 million blind and partially sighted persons in geographical Europe.

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Low vision information

There are far greater numbers of people with partial sight than with blindness. The solutions and measures needed for people with partial sight are often quite different from those for blind people.

EBU raises awareness on the specific needs of persons with partial sight as well as on the many different forms of partial sight and the implication in the daily life of so many Europeans.

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Prevention and Treatment

EBU raises awareness on conditions related to blindness and low vision which often lack adequate exposure, to facilitate their early diagnosis and treatment. .

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