Current Activities

Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

EBU is contributing to the PAsCAL project, which focuses on the social acceptance of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs).

Awareness-raising on blind and partially sighted persons' rights


PARVIS (Promoting Awareness on the Rights of Visually Disabled People in an Inclusive Society) raises awareness of blind and partially-sighted persons rights, while building visual impairment organisations’ capacities to advocate for them, through the creation and provision of accessible audiovisual communication material, harmonised at the European level.

Accessible Voting

Persons with disabilities have the right to participate in elections on an equal basis. Nonetheless, visually impaired citizens cannot vote independently and secretly in most European countries. The EBU’s AVA Project (“Accessible Voting Awareness-Raising”) aims to solve this problem.

EBU Statement on the European Elections 2019

With this Statement, we call on political leaders to pay attention to the demands of blind and partially sighted persons in Europe in the campaign for the European elections of 2019, and during the following five years.

Braille Promotion

EBU promotes braille and braille literacy as essential tools for the autonomy of blind and partially sighted individuals. In 2022 EBU produced a Statement on Access to Reading and Using Braille clearly outlining our position.

In 2019, we produced a Focus newsletter on the importance of Braille, also available in French, German and Spanish. We also carried out an activity to collect good practice in the area of Braille teaching as well as evidence of the importance of Braille literacy, you can also find a list of Braille Authorities in European Countries. Information on pharmaceutical Braille is also available.