Denmark - Article 21

  1. Is there existing legislation in your country to encourage or ensure that websites, in particular government, public service or other sites providing widespread services of general use (such as hiring services, travel, telephony, energy, education, employment, leisure...) are accessible to visually impaired people? Please be sure to specify in your answer to which categories of site the regulation(s) apply.

    There is a political agreement on making public websites accessible, but no legislation in place. Public websites created after 1. January 2008 should live up to the wcag 2.0 AA standard, but survey work conducted in 2010 confirmed that many public websites were still unaccessible. Even though some improvement was found.

  2. What are the standards that are used in your country to measure website accessibility?

    WCAG 2.0 AA

  3. Is there an authority in place to establish, measure and control website accessibility?

    There is a branch under the Danish Finance Ministry which establishs, measures and controls website accessibility.

  4. Is there a legal obligation to regularly review the accessibility of websites?


    If yes, at what intervals?

  5. Is there an established timeframe for

    1. new websites to be made accessible?
      if yes what is it ?

      All new public websites should live up to the WCAG 2.0 AA after 1. November 2008. Denmark is still awaiting the EU accessibility act and initiatives concerning website accessibility.

    2. existing websites to be made accessible?
      if yes what is it ?

  6. What sanctions are imposed by the law for websites which fail to comply with accessibility regulations?

    No sanctions

  7. Is there a legal obligation to include awareness of accessibility issues in training provided to webmasters and related professions?


  8. Is there a legal obligation on educational authorities to provide specific training on Web accessibility issues in related areas (such as engineering and computer sciences, telecommunications and networks courses, etc)?


  9. Are there official guidelines in place to assist webmasters and technical staff in making their websites accessible?

    Yes a toolkit exists, made by the administrative authority branch mentioned above.

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