36th CEFEC Conference "Green social economy a pillar for inclusive Europe - sharing expertise, networking and policy"

Wednesday, May 25, 2022 to Friday, May 27, 2022 Siauliai

The purpose of this message is to highlight, encourage and strengthen the ways CEFEC has been following for 35 years creating work for disabled and disadvantaged on the labour market by bringing together the knowledge, the expertise of the decision makers to work towards greener, more inclusive, and fairly administered social firms and economy in Europe, during these uncertain times.

Our vision

CEFEC is based on the transnational cooperation and networking as the main tools for improving the climate for social economy in Europe as much as for supporting green-economy oriented organizations in CEFEC’s member countries.

Our motivation

The CEFEC executive committee is an active, fast-growing, open-minded gathering of national representatives of more than fifteen members countries, of different contexts and expertise. From its beginning, CEFEC employs all the effort and knowledge to increase employment of disabled and disadvantaged persons of economies all around Europe.

Our present topics

There are a lot of challenges which Europe has been facing in the past few years and many problems continue to stay unsolved. CEFEC network and the executive committee are expected to provide its input and contribute to the to construct of the best solutions of the topics described below.

This is done by working groups, by transnational projects, meetings and the Annual CEFEC Conference, which in 2022 will take place in Lithuania.

Visit the event website for registration and further information.