Montenegro - Independent and secret voting of persons with disabilities

The Union of the Blind of Montenegro has initiated changes in the State Electoral Commission-SEC in order to ensure independent and secret voting for the visually impaired.

The most important novelties in the election process concern the following issues:

  • The voting template for the visually impaired will be with metal rings to ensure the secrecy of the vote. Until now, the template, which normally follows the appearance of the ballot, did not have rings but only openings, so there were complaints that during the voting on the template, traces of a ballpoint pen remained, which violates the secrecy of the ballot. The introduction of a new template with metal rings eliminates the threat to the secrecy of the ballot.
  • In order for each visually impaired person to be able to get acquainted with the contents of the ballot paper, in the future there will be two Braille ballots at each polling station. It will be part of the election material and will be informative.
  • Regarding the arrangement of the polling station, the SEC will issue instructions to the Municipality Electoral Commissions to install dark red etison guidance strips inside the polling stations in the future, which will make it easier for the visually impaired voting.
  • For other persons with disabilities, the ballot box will be placed on a flat surface of 40 cm so PWDs can independently put the ballot in the ballot box.

Mrs Katarina Bigovic Kulic - Union Of The Blind Of Montenegro