Our gratitude and best wishes to a friend who is leaving EBU

Mokrane Boussaïd, EBU Executive Director since 1993, is going to retire on 30 April. For more than 27 years he has been the centre of the EBU office and secretariat in Paris. On behalf of the EBU Board and all the national leaders of EBU member organisations who know him, I would like to express to Mokrane our heartfelt thanks for his tireless engagement and strong commitment.

Also for him the time for retirement has come and we all know how deserved it will be. Mokrane has worked in all these years with great intelligence, sensitivity, balance, putting at the disposal of EBU his professionalism, expertise and natural kindness. Over the years Mokrane has created a collaborative team, a well-structured office, and a well-organized working method. He has always been there for Board members and to my recalling he hasn’t missed any Board meetings. I have always appreciated his attentiveness and carefulness in delicate situations, and his respect for people. Working with him has been agreeable and enriching. I have also had the pleasure to meet his nice family and to know about his musical and sports skills. Mokrane is now starting a new phase in his life and all of us wish him to enjoy the coming years, and be active and successful in whatever he will dedicate himself to.

Rodolfo Cattani

EBU President