Quick update on Ukraine – first actions taken by EBU

As you all know, the situation in Ukraine continues to be deeply worrying. In line with previous communications, EBU has started to take first actions this month. Concretely, we provided support to three Ukrainian DPOs, Practice of innovative experience, Fight for Rights and Pravo Vybora (Right for Choice). All of these organisations cater for the basic needs of blind and partially sighted people in this extreme situation, as well as helping them to evacuate from heavily attacked cities to find refuge in “safer” places within Ukraine. We are grateful for the support that the Finish Abilis Foundation provided in establishing the contacts with the three Ukrainian DPOs. In the coming days, we are expecting to hear directly from them about what the financial support EBU provided helped them to achieve. We will share those stories with you, and especially those who donated money to our Solidarity Fund. Also, EBU provided support to the Romanian Association of the Blind to help them host, at their premisses, a few refugees from Ukraine, amongst them blind and partially sighted people. This is just a quick update about the latest action undertaken by EBU, thanks to your generosity! We know that many of you also work hard to provide relief to Ukrainians who are blind or partially sighted by welcoming them in your respective countries or by providing material support sent to Ukraine or neighbouring countries. Given the magnitude of the crises, all initiatives are critical! For any further questions or updates, please contact me;

Lars Bosselmann, EBU Executive Director