Support center for Ukrainian migrants in the Netherlands

On April 1, 2022, the «Oogvereniging» - Eye Association Netherlands started a project to help Ukrainian migrants with eye problems (visually impaired and blind, who have glaucoma, macular degeneration or other diseases that require systemic treatment).

We expect that hundreds of Ukrainian people with eye problems (in different age categories) will need help from the Eye Association.

Fundamental in this project is a Support Center for Ukrainian migrants. Nina Spodina, who worked as an ophthalmologist in Ukraine and had a license for private practice, was appointed as the coordinator of the support center. She will speak with Ukrainians in their native language and help them to solve their eye problems as much as possible. We will print and distribute flyers for Ukrainian migrants through the VNG (an association of Dutch municipalities), the Red Cross, volunteers, WhatsApp groups and Telegram chats of Ukrainians in the Netherlands, contact with the Ukrainian diaspora in the Netherlands, information exchange through the pages of associations on Facebook and Instagram.

This project will be able to make the lives of hundreds of people complete without a sense of inferiority and disability. The Bartiméus Foundation and the Visio Foundation financially support the work of a support center for visually impaired Ukrainian refugees. But more is needed. If you support this project, you can donate quickly and easily:

NL29 RABO 0177 8855 05 (Donation for Ukraine)

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