EBU engages with a group of youngsters

On August 13th, EBU held an online workshop at the International Camp On Communication And Computers (ICC). This was the first time EBU organised such a workshop. The ICC is an annual event bringing together blind and partially sighted youngsters, aged between 16 and 23, from all across the world. The aim of the ICC summer camp is to make young blind and partially sighted students aware on the benefits of efficiently using Information and Communication Technology as well as Assistive Technologies, which skills are a "must", where to put efforts to enhance technical as well as social skills and the level of mobility, to supports students in finding a decision for their educational and vocational paths, and build social networks across different countries. Find more about ICC.

Entitled “Get heard - The movement of blind and partially sighted people”, the workshop gave an overview of what it means to be a representative organisation at the European level: The structure, some key successes and current advocacy topics as well as ways of getting involved for young blind and partially sighted individuals were presented and discussed. EBU was represented by its second Vice-President, Bárbara Martín Muñoz, the Leader of its Youth Network, Francesca Sbianchi and Lars Bosselmann, the Executive Director.

20 youngsters attended the workshop, which was more than had actually registered! Each of the three EBU inputs triggered a number of questions and lively interaction. Common themes that were raised by participants revolved around education, access to books and information, EBU’s work with youth organisations and, as to be expected, how to get involved. Francesca recorded a video for the event which was shown during our workshop.

“We are excited about our discussions today and your enthusiasm, which we very much hope you will be contributing in one way or another to the common fight for full inclusion of all blind and partially sighted people in Europe”, said Barbara to conclude the workshop. The ICC organisers, on their part, expressed their hope that this was just the first step towards a long cooperation between ICC and EBU.