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EBU has entered into an agreement with the creators of the SWIS App.

Falling asleep listening to any audio but particularly to audiobooks has been a real problem but finally there is a solution.

SWIS ( Sleep When I Sleep) have developed an iPhone App which alerts the user that they are falling asleep and if not dismissed the App will pause audio playback making it easier for the listener to find their place in the podcast or story.

The App was launched recently in Belfast at the offices of Raise Ventures in the Cathedral Quarter. The developer Gary McDowell is a Chartered Surveyor and whilst working on major commercial projects throughout Ireland it was necessary to spend long hours travelling by train. He started listening to audiobooks on the iPhone but on each journey he would fall asleep finding it impossible to locate the spot in the story where he had lost consciousness. His father who was registered blind had complained of the same issue and frustration when listening to audio playback.

Unable to find an app which would put his phone to sleep when he fell asleep Gary set out to have one developed. New to Digital technology it was a sharp learning curve, having formed a relationship with one developer they were quickly taken over by another business and SWIS was left only partially developed. This sat on the shelf for some time until a radio advert for Raise Ventures rekindled interest. Raise accepted SWIS into their accelerator programme and with their encouragement and guidance the app is now available from the Apple AppStore. Simply type “Sleep When I Sleep”.

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Apple version of SWIS

An android version will be released, and when you register you will be notified as soon as it is available. Register for Android here https://www.sleepwhenisleep.com/register-your-interest

Using health data SWIS App detects that the listener is falling asleep & sends an alert through the Apple watch. The alert nudges the user to pause the audio so they can find their place next time.
However if the user wishes to continue with the audio they can do so.

The App is free to use for 7 days and available by subscription for £4.99 per annum. Apple watch required.

SWIS is not only of use to audiobook users but to anyone listening to any form of audio playback including podcasts, lectures, meditation, self-help etc.

Gary commented “ I do hope this helps the very many people who are frustrated by falling asleep and losing their place in audiobooks. I know that my father would have loved it”.