Portugal - Braille and digital format in the same document accessible 2 all

ACAPO's concern with the inclusion of persons with disabilities, namely visually impaired persons, is manifested in the constant search for alternative solutions, inclusive and accessible to all. In this sense, we took another important step towards their inclusion signing a cooperation agreement for the first time in a multi-format, fully inclusive document.

This new protocol format, printed in large print and Braille, contains a QR Code on the last page that allows its reading through technological means. This code can be easily found by blind persons, due to the introduction of a “Braille dotted frame” all around it. In this way, visually impaired persons can autonomously access information through this Code.

The first multi-format protocol was signed on July 9th, between ACAPO and the Escola de Cães-guia para Cegos. Also, on July 26th, we signed the second multi-format protocol, aimed at cooperation between ACAPO and  Instituto Politécnico de Leiria

For ACAPO, the commitment to inclusive and innovative solutions, built for everyone from its start is a fundamental step towards a more inclusive society. Thus, anyone, with or without disabilities, whatever the context in which they have to access the content of the protocol, can know what is written in it, in the format they want, without having to have adapted or specific versions in one or the other format. We can thus make real a fundamental human right, the access to information for all. This is, moreover, a good practice, which should be adopted by other institutions in any type of contract, for example banking contracts or contracts for essential services.