The World Blind Union Strategic Plan 2022-2025

The future is looking bright for the World Blind Union: Our 2022-2025 strategic plan is now available!
The World Blind Union – the leading international voice of the world’s 253 million people who are blind or partially sighted – has released its new strategic plan and earlier this year appointed Marc Workman as its new Chief Executive Officer.
In the midst of a punishing pandemic that has taken a devastating toll on people who are blind or partially sighted around the globe, the World Blind Union sees new opportunities to address longstanding barriers and create a more prosperous future for those experiencing sight loss.
Over the last two years, lives and livelihoods have been lost, barriers in education have been experienced, and mental health concerns have increased. “Blind people were facing major challenges even before the pandemic”, said Marc Workman, WBU CEO. “These challenges have all been made far worse as a result of COVID-19”.
Despite these challenges, the WBU remains optimistic. “New and exciting opportunities are emerging”, added Workman. “Remote work has the potential to open up vast numbers of jobs that transportation barriers excluded us from in the past. The pandemic has revealed many inequalities in our society, and now is the time to address these longstanding barriers”.
The new strategic plan – with its emphasis on advocacy, capacity building, and organizational excellence – will enable the WBU to seize opportunities as the world emerges from this dark period. “If there is one quality that people who are blind or partially sighted demonstrate time and time again, it’s resilience”, said WBU President, Martine Abel-Williamson. “We are used to adapting, finding creative solutions, and moving forward, and that’s exactly what we plan to do over the coming years in the World Blind Union”.
The new strategic plan is available in English on the WBU website. The WBU is in the process of establishing committees and working groups to help deliver on the strategic plan.