We have seen the range of work carried out by EBU to try and improve the employment situation for visually impaired people. Following on from this we are currently initiating a project called ADVISE - Aiding Young Visually Impaired Seeking Employment. This activity is led by ONCE, our Spanish member and is already under way; experts from Spain and Finland met in Madrid in September. Following this meeting a trainers’ manual has been developed and the above-mentioned Young job-seekers manual has been complemented with a new chapter on social media. An instruction session for future trainers from 4 pilot countries was held in Paris on 13 December and they will organise two ADVISE training courses aimed at young BPS job-seekers in 2019 and a third one in 2020, with a fine-tuning phase in-between. 4 new pilot countries will run TCs in 2021.

There is still much to be done and EBU will continue in its efforts to make a difference. As you will have seen, improving employment prospects is a job in itself!