Gender equality awareness raising, GEAR

Each year, with start from 2020 funds are available from EU to improve and increase gender in the EBU member organizations.

Up to three member organizations per year can apply for and participate in this project. In doing this they shall conduct activities in their organizations to increase the awareness of extended gender in all decision making bodies, train and promote members, most often women to participate to a greater extent and make their voices heard. A general outcome that EBU would like to see when the project is terminated in each country is that there are plans and actions decided on how the organizations shall continue to work with gender.

In 2021 GEAR was conducted in Germany, Iceland and Montenegro.

A report of what has taken place will be available in 2022 that will give all interested more details.

In this article we will quote information from Iceland. In spite of the late start of their activities they have managed to do a lot and they have a substantial number of insights useful for others.

We hope that this will inspire other EBU members to join this project!

Eva Nilsson