RIP Alexander Neumyvakin – A message from the EBU President

Following the sad announcement of the death of Alexander Neumyvakin, our President would like to send this message on behalf of himself and the Board:

On behalf of the Board of the European Blind Union, the whole blindness community, and myself personally, I would like to convey the most sincere and deepest condolences to Alexander Neumyvakin’s family and the All Russia Association of the Blind (VOS). We will miss Alexander, a strong leader, a sympathetic person, and his relentless commitment to the rights and welfare of blind and partially sighted persons at national and international level. I had known him for many years and appreciated the opportunity to work with him in the EBU Board and listen to his wise words on different occasions. So let us honour Alexander’s memory by continuing with renewed effort to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves.

Rodolfo Cattani
EBU President.