“Promoting effective communication for Individuals with a Vision Impairment and Multiple Disabilities – PrECIVIM”

The Erasmus+ project entitled “Promoting effective communication for Individuals with a Vision Impairment and Multiple Disabilities – PrECIVIM”, has integrated its actions. It is a project which aimed to support professionals in respect of their intervention programs towards communication and children’s communicative competencies. The current project acknowledged the need to train teachers regarding how to assess and teach communication skills to children with MDVI. On the other hand, assessing communicative skills in children with MDVI is a big challenge because communication is a complex domain with many sensory and cognitive sectors which need to be assessed.

PrECIVIM was approved by the Erasmus+ Programme in relation to Key Action 2. The project consortium was consisted of the following organizations: University of Thessaly, Greece (Coordinator), Babes Bolyai Univestity, Romania/Roehampton University, UK/Amimoni - Panhellenic Association of parents and friends of visually impaired people with additional handicaps, Greece/ Special School for the Deafblind, Greece/ Liceul Special pentru Deficienti de Vedere Cluj-Napoca, Romania/Whitefield Academy Trust, UK/ St Barnabas School for the Blind, Cyprus, TRAPEZA PLIROFORION & PERIEHOMENOU A.E., Greece, and EBU/France (associated partner). EBU was involved in this project as associate partner and supported the project dissemination process.

In total, the PrECIVIM project organized the following activities and delivered corresponding deliverables:

  • The development of a detailed project/work plan,
  • The development of a quality plan,
  • The development of a Situation Analysis/scoping (ΙΟ1),
  • The design and development of the PrECIVIM portal (ΙΟ2),
  • The development of the training material (ΙΟ3),
  • The conduction of training events,
  • The development of reflective logs (ΙΟ4),
  • The development of a Guide of Best practices (IO5),
  • A Policy Recommendations Report (IO7),
  • Miscellaneous Videos (IO8), and
  • The Dissemination Action Plan and Exploitation (IO6).

The PrECIVIM project put great effort to bridge assessment and intervention and underlined the need of assessment of communication skills for the development of individualized educational approaches and the use of appropriate educational material in order to promote the communication skills of students with MDVI. It is argued that PrECIVIM achieved impact on local, regional, national and European level, through the production of Intellectual Outputs which can be downloaded free from the project website.