Croatia - Making a difference with joint efforts!

The European Blind Union promptly expressed its support to the Croatian Blind Union in advocating and fighting for the elimination of the draft provisions containing means testing for exercising the right to disability allowance for persons belonging to the fourth (most severe) degree of disability, currently regulated by the Social Welfare Act in Croatia. EBU President Cattani sent letters of support to the Croatian President, Prime Minister, and the Minister and State Secretary of the relevant Ministry of Social Policy, pointing out and explaining the articles and paragraphs of the CRPD Convention that the mentioned provisions would violate if adopted. Moreover, the letters reflected EBU’s concerns about the present and future employed blind and partially sighted people who would lose their rights to disability allowance, which, in the first place, should serve to compensate increased costs of living caused by a disability.

The Croatian Ombudsperson reacted positively to this initiative, while the Croatian President did not show a particular interest to seriously intervene. Nevertheless, the Croatian Prime Minister, Mr. Andrej Plenković, announced the elimination of the provisions related to any kind of means testing, along with an increase in the amount of disability allowance.

The President of the Croatian Blind Union, Mr. Vojin Perić, along with the CBU’s staff and blind and partially sighted members, would like to express their gratitude and appreciation for the sincere concern, honest backing and brilliantly elaborated letters of support in this matter. We are glad and proud to be part of the EBU!

The Croatian Blind Union