Lithuania - The sound art project “Visual background”

For the second year in a row, Lithuanian blind people, together with professional composers, explore sounds in the sound art project “Visual background”. The initiators of the project are a composer Vladas Dieninis and the Public institution “Audialinės salos”, uniting independent music performers, educators and initiators of innovative music projects.

During the project participants delve into hearing as a sensation that replaces vision, and the possibilities of applying this principle in creation. The participants of the project communicate with composers and sound artists, get acquainted with various ways of recording sounds and the principles of their composition. This year participants take part in a sound workshop with sound artist Audrius Šimkūnas, an audio experience session with gong master Kat Bumbul, and a creative camp at the Sirvėta Regional Park Nature School, during which the naturalist Andrejus Gaidamavičius will introduce the symphonies of the forest bird orchestra.

During the project individual creative tasks are performed and, with the help of composers, musical works are created from the sounds of the environment. The musical works will be adapted to the surround sound system and an open listening of the compositions will be organized.

You can listen to the musical works created in 2021 during the project “Visual background” here (you have to listen with the headphones):