Montenegro - Equal and empowered

From March 2021, the Union of the Blind of Montenegro- UBM began the realization of the project "Equal and Empowered" supported by EBU through its Solidarity Fund, in line with the GEAR activity, to strengthen the capacity for dealing with gender policy.

Lack of knowledge about gender equality, anti-discrimination mechanisms, lack of information about the importance of gender equality, inaccessible information, the presence of intersectional discrimination, are the reasons for creating a project idea.

The main goal of the project is to reduce the level of discrimination against visually impaired women in Montenegro, by strengthening their position and participation

At the VIII regular session of the Executive Board of the UBM, which was held on Tuesday, May 18, 2021, the initiative to establish a Women's Committee was supported. The establishment of the Women's Committee is a crucial step towards the adoption of policies, plans and measures that lead to equality, reduction of multiple discrimination based on gender and disability in order to obtain an inclusive and responsible organization, which is, in fact, the UBM.

For the needs of holding workshops and trainings, materials in accessible format, CEDAW Convention and the Law on Gender Equality of Montenegro in audio format and in Braille were prepared, and the “Future We Want” was prepared in 30 copies in Braille.

In June, two workshops for 17 and 19 visually impaired women related to the topic of strengthening self-confidence and self-esteem were held.

Radio shows are being continuously prepared, focusing on the issue of gender equality of visually impaired women, and are broadcasting once a month.

In the following period, three workshops will be held on the topics of gender equality, discrimination, violence of visually impaired women, as well as training aimed at strengthening the capacity of employees in the UBM and in eight local organizations.