Assistance dogs -Travelling in and out of Europe following Brexit

Following the UK’s exit from the EU at the end of 2020, the rules applying to travelling with a guide or assistance dog have changed.

These are detailed in the links below, however, always check with your vet before you plan to travel.

The new rules discriminate against persons with disabilities who wish to travel from the UK into Europe with their guide dog, as a new Animal Health Certificate (AHC) must be obtained for each and every trip out of the UK.

For most people travelling with a dog is a choice; for a person with disabilities who relies on their guide dog, this is an essential.

This means that short notice trips will be impossible to arrange, whether for business, pleasure or family matters. Each trip will incur a substantial additional cost, extra planning and time taken spent in the process involved obtaining the AHC.

This is in addition to the current discrimination often experienced when travelling with a guide dog and highlights the inequalities suffered compared with other travellers.

EGDF is engaging with MEP’s, the European Disability Forum, the European Blind Union and other Assistance Dog Organisations to campaign to create a level playing field.

Travellers to Europe or Northern Ireland from the UK with their guide or assistance dog will no longer be able to use a UK issued EU Pet Passport.

Detailed guidance for travelling into Europe or Northern Ireland can be found here

For those travelling from the European Union into the UK however, rules have not changed and are detailed in the link below

Detailed Guidance for travelling into the UK from Europe or Northern Ireland can be found here.