Belgium - Brailleliga / Ligue Braille week

As from 12th April Brailleliga / Ligue Braille launches its annual campaign ‘Brailleliga / Ligue Braille week’. This year we draw the attention on the many barriers visually impaired people face in everyday life and we highlight their victories in overcoming these challenges. Daily tasks, actions and habits very often form big hurdles for someone who is visually impaired. That is why Brailleliga / Ligue Braille wants to focus on big and small everyday victories. These past 12 months, these victories were omnipresent and stood out more than ever due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We collected various testimonies from our members explaining how they overcame the many challenges encountered since they lost their vision. Find out more on and We also want to increase awareness amongst the general public by airing a broadcast on Belgian radio and television.