As we can see from the articles above, the rapidly changing world in which we live offers both new opportunities and many challenges for young blind and partially sighted people. Being able to study and participate in exchange programmes, and finding a worthwhile job are extremely important steps towards a fulfilling life, we hope that these articles will be encouraging.

With this in mind, EBU has also just produced its Recommendations for students with visual impairment participating in international exchange programmes. The aim of this brochure, produced in collaboration with ICEVI Europe, is to motivate blind and partially sighted students (though it will be useful for all disabled students) to participate in international mobility with the Erasmus+ programme and to help them prepare for a successful academic experience and stay abroad. Information, recommendations, questions and messages are mainly drawn from previous EBU surveys and project materials.

Political engagement is also an important subject for young VI persons, and the experience of Frieda in the EPPD should also encourage young people to ask questions and get involved.

Of course, we hope that this EBU Focus will inform and empower young VI people from all over Europe to be active and optimistic with regards to their future. But more than this we want to make it clear that the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow, so get involved, on a local, national or international level and shape the future for the coming generations! Good luck!