DAISY EU Inclusive Publishing Forum

For persons with print disabilities the European Accessibility Act offers the promise of accessible ebooks and related services. However, many publishers are still not aware of what they need to do, and where they can get advice.

Disabled persons organisations and libraries for blind and otherwise print disabled persons have a great deal of expertise to help make this change successful. However, time is limited and there are never enough resources. The DAISY Consortium has established a forum to help share knowledge and expertise across the EU27 and beyond. Participants are already learning about projects they can replicate, where to direct technical questions, and how the action in their country compare to others.

Information about the forum is on the DAISY website at daisy.org/eaa where it is possible to sign up to join the mailing list. There will also be open forum sessions on Zoom to hear the latest developments and discuss the tricky questions.