Dear young readers,
pay attention because this first issue of the EBU thematic newsletter has been specially designed for you!
Vanessa (IT), Jasper(NL) and Frieda (NL), three brave young persons with visual impairment, through their personal experience and knowledge, will introduce you to a challenging pathway that will help you gain self-confidence and master your destiny!

In Vanessa’s article you can learn about different accessible non-formal educational programmes for visually impaired people such as the ICC camp and the Views International adapted European Voluntary Service. You will be impressed at how they may be the starting point for personal and professional growth!

So, what do you think of volunteering or advocating for your national blind organization? Read the article and take action!

Through Jasper’s piece, you will have an example of useful tips and tricks to face the open labour market that both Vanessa and Jasper developed in the EBU Youth Employability Training Courses. Of course, if you want to get more information on the topic you can download the EBU Manual for inexperienced job-seekers with a visual impairment from the EBU website, available in English, French and German!
Thanks to Frieda, you have the first-hand experience of a partially sighted young girl, who, while working as an intern at the EBU office participated in the European Parliament for Persons with Disabilities.
The contribution of the Slovak Union of the Blind will tell you about an Erasmus Plus project called “Yalta: youth Activation Long-term Ambition” designed to equip blind and partially sighted youngsters with leadership and coordinating skills, so to become active citizens in a more inclusive society.

Last but not least, you can find out more about additional formal educational programmes for blind and partially sighted participants including seminars on how to adapt Erasmus opportunities for University students with visual disability organized by ONCE).

Enjoy your reading!
Vanessa, Jasper, Frieda, and the EBU team.