Portugal - Results of the electoral act on the Me-CDPD

On January 31, the electoral act took place for the 2020-2025 mandate, for the organisations members of the National Mechanism for monitoring the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (Me-CRPD) and its Advisory Council.

ACAPO, which was already an appointed member of this mechanism, submitted its candidacy for this election and was elected to these two bodies.

Due to the impossibility of representing themselves in both, due to the criteria of the electoral regulation, ACAPO chose to remain only as a representative of the Organizations of Persons with Disabilities, in the area of visual impairment, in this Mechanism, to the detriment of its integration into its Advisory Board.

Tomé Coelho, president of the National Board of ACAPO, stated that "these elections represent another fundamental step towards the achievement of the objectives as representatives of the visually impaired persons, to the extent that we can continue to give voice and fight for the rights of persons with disabilities"
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