Welcome to the 20th episode of the EBU Access Cast

Welcome to the 20th episode of the EBU Access Cast. We have come to the 20th episode so far, and we would like to thank you for listening to us. We are preparing some nice goodies for you for the future episodes, but new surprise will be coming to you soon. In the meantime, let's check what's going on in these dark times which hover around the world.

As the Corona pandemic is taking over the Europe and rest of the world, lots of jobs are transferred to teleworking. We made a research to see how it affects the tech giants and assistive tech industry in general and how the whole situation affects the state of accessibility in different environments.

Tech giants will keep paying hourly staff even if they are asked to stay home due to coronavirus

Mr Shadi Abou-Zahra tweeted that schools and universities should not forget to include accessibility in their online courses. Alejandro Moledo also  reminds us that all tv providers which broadcast the emergency information must be accessible to all - so with subtitles, sign language, spoken subtitles and audio description.

Pawel from our team discovered Discord, free voice and chat client which has a bunch of nice features, great audio sound and the possibility of having up to 50 users connected for free on the server during the Corona pandemics instead of 10 users. It is available for all major platforms and it offers a nice accessibility. As the client is equipped with very good audio and video features, some people started to use it for online learning courses.

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