Audio-Art: audiodescribed visits to the museums of the Paris municipality

The Physical and Cultural Accessibility service of the association Valentin Haüy has set up (in French) ‘Regards Tactiles’, a visit with audiodescription of the museums of the Paris municipality.
Would French speakers like to discover "Le retour de chasse de Diane" by Jules Boucher or "L'odalisque au fauteuil" by Henri Matisse or even, "L'Équipe de Cardiff" by Robert Delaunay?
The association Valentin Haüy is proposing twice-weekly opportunities to discover 16 artworks from the collections. Every Wednesday and Friday you can learn about a work of art in audiodescription.
"La défense de Paris" by Ernest Barrias - 1883 in the Petit Palais - Musée des Beaux-Arts of Paris
and "Sainte Geneviève, sainte patronne et protectrice de Paris, devant l'Hôtel de Ville" – anonymous work - circa 1620 - Carnavalet. Museum.

There is a playlist on youtube of the proposed works.